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Instagram changes its terms of use

One year ago, dropbox changed its terms of use. Now Instagram makes it explicit that they can use your photos “the way they want” (to make it short). It was absolutely expected. “If you don’t pay for the product, then YOU are the product”. That’s true for all free services on the web.

Running a service like Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook or Google+ costs a lot of money: servers in data centers, electrical power, salary for engineers and other staff. All these free services need to make money, one way or another. The most common way is to monetize users data.

Matt Mullenweg sums it up nicely in an interview during LeWeb 2012 (2’30”), “Instagram primary users are not what we think of as users, it’s advertisers, and us are the product”.

xkcd gives a nice illustration of the Instagram (Facebook/Google+/…) business model

Does an alternate solution exist? Yes, but you’ll have to reconsider the way you use internet services. As soon as you pay for a service, then you can consider that the primary goal of the service is to satisfy you, and not an advertiser or any third party.

This is exactly why Piwigo.com is not free. The user pays $39/year and our goal is not to sell your data or improve your “profile” for targeted ads. Our primary goal is to provide a service you appreciate (and buy).


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December 19, 2012 at 9:42 pm

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Insert your photos from Piwigo into Wordpress

This feature has been expected for a long time and João C. proposes it with PiwigoMedia : WordPress users can easily insert photos from their Piwigo photo gallery into a blog post. Easily means :

  1. browse your gallery
  2. select photos
  3. click on the “insert into post” button

Note: PiwigoMedia is a plugin for WordPress, not for Piwigo


settings for PiwigoMedia
Define the Piwigo URL, Piwigo can be on another server.
WordPress post editor (TinyMCE) with PiwigoMedia button
when you edit your WordPress post, a new button appears to select photos from Piwigo
the PiwigoMedia window, to select your photos from Piwigo
select a category (an album), then one ore more photos and insert them into your WordPress post
photos from Piwigo inserted into WordPress post
Photos from Piwigo are inserted as links into your WordPress post


PiwigoMedia is really simple to use and does the job the right way. As PiwigoMedia smartly uses the Piwigo web API, your Piwigo doesn’t have to be installed on the same server or in the same database. Your Piwigo can be installed on the other side of the planet!

Visit João C. website and Download PiwigoMedia

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February 15, 2011 at 9:27 pm

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Piwigo 2.2 Release Candidate 2 is out

… and you’re welcome if you want to be part of the beta-testing effort!

With 2.2.0RC1 beta tests, many bugs were found by users and fixed by the development team.

Beta-testing can be very easy. You can even send me a private message and we will create a beta-testing environment, just for you.

Read more details about Piwigo 2.2.0RC2 and download it

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February 9, 2011 at 2:56 pm

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Publish photos from Shotwell to Piwigo

Guillaume Viguier-Just has created a new connector for Shotwell to Publish your photos into Piwigo. Shotwell is the default photo organizer available on Ubuntu 10.10.

The connector is available for beta test. You can read instructions to run the Publish to Piwigo connector on https://github.com/guillaumev/piwigoshotwell : you will need to compile a patched Shotwell, but that’s only for beta testing. I don’t know yet how it will be packaged once it is stable, but that will be easy to install.

On Piwigo side, here are the requirements :
* Piwigo 2.1.5
* install + activate the pwg.images.addSimple plugin

If you are not a Piwigo user yet and you would like to test the Shotwell connector without worrying about Piwigo installation, create an free trial account on Piwigo.com (the pwg.images.addSimple plugin is activated by default).

forum topic for user feedback : Shotwell publish to Piwigo

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November 17, 2010 at 11:43 am

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Publish photos from Lightroom to Piwigo

Vladimir Vinogradsky has created a new Adobe Lightroom plug-in to export photos in your Piwigo gallery. It is currently in beta test. Piwigo API has been improved to make it more compliant with Lightroom plug-in needs. You will need Piwigo 2.1.5 + the pwg.images.addSimple plugin to perform tests. Plugin pwg.images.addSimple will be integrated into Piwigo core in release 2.2.

If you are not a Piwigo user yet and you would like to test the Lightroom plugin without worrying about Piwigo installation, create an free trial account on Piwigo.com (the pwg.images.addSimple plugin is activated by default).

Lightroom plug-in beta testing – invitation

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November 12, 2010 at 11:38 am

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A dynamic Piwigo homepage with PWG Stuffs

PWG Stuffs is one of the most badly named plugin for Piwigo! But don’t stop reading, because PWG Stuffs is also one of the most interesting plugin for Piwigo! The name of the plugin doesn’t mean anything, read this description to understand what it’s all about.

PWG Stuffs = manage blocks on your page

On a standard Piwigo with a standard theme, you have the menubar on the left (250px) and the main block on the right. The main block contains the thumbnails for the current album or tag. PWG Stuffs adds other blocks, such as latest comments, a welcome text, random pictures, a tag cloud, featured photos and others. Even better, you can organize your blocks: block 1 and block 2 on the first line and block 3 on another line. PWG Stuffs is one of the first plugin P@t created. P@t currently works on 23 plugins. His plugins count many followers, including me.

We have released PWG Stuffs version 2.1.f today. The new feature is the ability to hide the main block on the home page. In my opinion this is an important new feature, because it means that you can design your homepage the way you want, with some static blocks filled with HTML and blocks with dynamic content.

PWG Stuff page in the extension repository

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October 26, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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Using WordPress/Drupal/Joomla for your photo gallery?

Yesterday as any usual day we received a support request on the Piwigo forum. This user has been trying to create his photo gallery with Drupal and obviously, it was not as easy as expected:

After spending months fighting with various Drupal gallery modules, I finally gave up and after some research ended up with Piwigo. So far, I am very impressed. I must say that I’ve been able to get a LOT more done in 4 hours with Piwigo than I could in 6 months with Drupal’s gallery and image modules! Way to go!

Don’t understand my post wrong, I really appreciate Drupal or Joomla for creating an average to very large website or WordPress to create a small website or a feature rich blog. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are great softwares with impressive feature sets and active communities.

My opinion is that if your website is mainly a photo gallery, the best option is to choose a photo gallery software and among the best photo gallery software you’ll find Piwigo, but not only: ZenPhoto and Menalto Gallery are also in the place. Piwigo is designed to manage photo galleries, only other photo gallery softwares can be seriously compared to Piwigo when it comes to managing (large) photo sets.

Gallery modules integrated into WordPress/Drupal/Joomla are nice and certainly good enough for the vast majority of WordPress/Drupal/Joomla users and I don’t say this option is a bad choice. It all depends on the main use of your website. I have seen many great photo galleries designed with a WordPress core + photo oriented theme and the result is top quality most of the time.

You know what’s good with Opensource Softwares? The user can give a try and decide by himself!

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October 20, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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