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Piwigo 2.2.0RC1 is out, ready to beta test?

The first release candidate for Piwigo 2.2 is out. A release candidate is dedicated to test and user feedback. Don’t install it on your live website. Here is the summary of changes compared to Piwigo 2.1 :

  • categories” renamed into “albums
  • image / picture / element” renamed into “photo
  • administrator can automatically sort albums and sub-albums in a few clicks
  • a protection was added to prevent robots from registering
  • ability to remove or resize the high definition version of the photo in the upload form (requires ImageMagick on the server)
  • new web API methods for administration purpose (activate a theme, deactivate a plugin, move an album, delete a photo)
  • ability to delete photos added with synchronization like other photos, with just a few clicks
  • new batch manager 1) filter 2) select 3) apply an action
  • week may start on sunday in your calendar
  • basic multisite feature, ability to have several galleries with a single Piwigo installed
  • the user upload was removed from core and a better one will be added in the Community plugin
  • the adviser mode was removed
  • automatic rotation of the photo based on EXIF Orientation
  • ability to delete a single photo from its administration screen
  • ability to clean orphan tags in a single click (automatic detection)
  • if the album representative photo has a Family privacy level, then all Friends visitors will have another random representative photo instead

… and also at technical changes:

  • if available, automatically use ImageMagick instead of GD for photo resizing
  • CSS and Javascript files are combined to reduce the number of HTTP requests
  • core themes use CSS sprites for icons to reduce the number of HTTP requests
  • performances improved when browsing tags linked to many photos
  • the representative photo of each album is cached for each user, this may avoid many database requests if you have a deep album tree

I will open other blog posts to give more details about some specific changes for Piwigo 2.2.

As usual, the more feedback we get, the more bugs we fixed, the more robust Piwigo 2.2.0 will be. Sometimes it’s not so easy to have a testing environment available, so I propose to install a testing environment to anyone who asks : just send me a private message.

Download Piwigo 2.2.0RC1


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January 22, 2011 at 8:51 pm

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