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Publish photos from Shotwell to Piwigo

Guillaume Viguier-Just has created a new connector for Shotwell to Publish your photos into Piwigo. Shotwell is the default photo organizer available on Ubuntu 10.10.

The connector is available for beta test. You can read instructions to run the Publish to Piwigo connector on https://github.com/guillaumev/piwigoshotwell : you will need to compile a patched Shotwell, but that’s only for beta testing. I don’t know yet how it will be packaged once it is stable, but that will be easy to install.

On Piwigo side, here are the requirements :
* Piwigo 2.1.5
* install + activate the pwg.images.addSimple plugin

If you are not a Piwigo user yet and you would like to test the Shotwell connector without worrying about Piwigo installation, create an free trial account on Piwigo.com (the pwg.images.addSimple plugin is activated by default).

forum topic for user feedback : Shotwell publish to Piwigo


Written by plg

November 17, 2010 at 11:43 am

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