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A dynamic Piwigo homepage with PWG Stuffs

PWG Stuffs is one of the most badly named plugin for Piwigo! But don’t stop reading, because PWG Stuffs is also one of the most interesting plugin for Piwigo! The name of the plugin doesn’t mean anything, read this description to understand what it’s all about.

PWG Stuffs = manage blocks on your page

On a standard Piwigo with a standard theme, you have the menubar on the left (250px) and the main block on the right. The main block contains the thumbnails for the current album or tag. PWG Stuffs adds other blocks, such as latest comments, a welcome text, random pictures, a tag cloud, featured photos and others. Even better, you can organize your blocks: block 1 and block 2 on the first line and block 3 on another line. PWG Stuffs is one of the first plugin P@t created. P@t currently works on 23 plugins. His plugins count many followers, including me.

We have released PWG Stuffs version 2.1.f today. The new feature is the ability to hide the main block on the home page. In my opinion this is an important new feature, because it means that you can design your homepage the way you want, with some static blocks filled with HTML and blocks with dynamic content.

PWG Stuff page in the extension repository


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October 26, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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