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Piwigo.com gets a new website

Nearly one year ago, we launched Piwigo.com beta. Today Piwigo.com gets a new website. Today Piwigo.com is no longer in its beta-testing stage.

There are not many pages on the current Piwigo.com introduction website : home, sign up, contact. We will add more pages in the next weeks but it was enough for a beginning. Piwigo.com website is available in 2 languages: English + French. Chinese will be added very soon.

So what’s the plan? As described one year ago, Piwigo.com is a hosting solution dedicated to Piwigo. Considering that:

  1. we don’t want to display ads on piwigo.com photo galleries
  2. we don’t want to collect your personnal information for  selling them
  3. we want to propose nice features such as unlimited photos or email support

Then you understand why this service is not free. After the 90 days trial period, the service will cost €39/year. We want the offer to be as simple as possible: we propose a single plan for a single price.

Try Piwigo on Piwigo.com


Written by plg

June 24, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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