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Piwigo 2.1.2 fixes many bugs…

…but also adds new languages, adds minor features.

One month ago, we released Piwigo 2.1.1 after a major bug was reported to us. No major bug this time, but 4 weeks are enough to have many bugs fixed, several small improvements and new languages, so here comes Piwigo 2.1.2. So what’s fixed? what’s new?

  • new languages: Georgian and Quebec
  • adds a link to the gallery root on all navigation paths (breadcrumbs)
  • web upload form now supports PNG files
  • web upload form now detects many errors (GD and Exif libraries missing, files too big)
  • remove limit of 10 tags on each photo

And many others, see the official release notes

In addition to standard bugs, we have a specific section for PostgreSQL and SQLite related bugs. PostgreSQL and SQLite are still in experimental state. Nicolas fixed many bugs to improve stability. Madman made a great bug reporting effort on PostgreSQL compatibility and we thank him for this contribution! There are 15 bugs fixed in this specific section: congratulations Nicolas!

Visit Piwigo download page

Written by plg

June 30, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Piwigo.com gets a new website

Nearly one year ago, we launched Piwigo.com beta. Today Piwigo.com gets a new website. Today Piwigo.com is no longer in its beta-testing stage.

There are not many pages on the current Piwigo.com introduction website : home, sign up, contact. We will add more pages in the next weeks but it was enough for a beginning. Piwigo.com website is available in 2 languages: English + French. Chinese will be added very soon.

So what’s the plan? As described one year ago, Piwigo.com is a hosting solution dedicated to Piwigo. Considering that:

  1. we don’t want to display ads on piwigo.com photo galleries
  2. we don’t want to collect your personnal information for  selling them
  3. we want to propose nice features such as unlimited photos or email support

Then you understand why this service is not free. After the 90 days trial period, the service will cost €39/year. We want the offer to be as simple as possible: we propose a single plan for a single price.

Try Piwigo on Piwigo.com

Written by plg

June 24, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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New theme: Kardon

During Winter 2008/2009, galain had prepared a very nice theme kardon for Piwigo 2.0 (which was itself under preparation at this time). He had shown us the work in progress on his website. Unfortunately, since decembre 2008, galain gave absolutely no news. Of course we hope he has no problem, but it’s too bad his theme stays unpublished while he wanted it to be available, read the forum topic “galain joins Piwigo team”

Last week I’ve decided to create the kardon theme for Piwigo 2.1 based on what I could find on his demo website.

This theme is really clean, with a nice color set and detailed icons. There is another nice feature with this theme : the slideshow is improved. During slideshow, the photo is centered (vertically) on your screen.

Kardon theme

Maybe you want to see it in action on piwigo.org demo gallery?

For piwigo.org users,

1) administration > configuration > themes > add a new theme
2) install “Kardon”
3) administration > configuration > themes > installed themes
4) activate “Kardon” (and set it as default if you want)

For piwigo.com users,

1) administration > configuration > themes
2) activate “Kardon” (and set it as default if you want)

Written by plg

June 12, 2010 at 9:48 pm

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Piwigo 2.1 on piwigo.com

From now, every registration on piwigo.com will create a Piwigo 2.1 account.

Piwigo 2.1 really improves the usability in the administration panel. I mainly mean 1) adding photos 2) managing themes. Of course there are many more improvements, read them all on Piwigo 2.1 release notes.

Piwigo 2.1 also brings new themes on piwigo.com accounts: Vertical White, Simple White, Simple Sunset, Luciano Amodio. Many more will come!

Vertical White

Simple White

Simple Sunset

Luciano Amodio

Try Piwigo on piwigo.com

Written by plg

June 3, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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