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Piwigo 2.1.1 avoids to break user registration

Hi Piwigo followers,

1 week ago, while I was visiting a Piwigo 2.1.0, the webmaster asked me to register to see the private photos. But when I registered, I received many errors and Piwigo was simply telling me that I had to sign in, whatever the page I wanted to see (even the photo gallery homepage), which is not the expected behavior with Piwigo. I had to remove the authentication cookie to be able to browse the gallery as guest. Very annoying. Very disturbing also, because I had not encountered this bug during 2.1 beta-testing. I thought that this Piwigo installation had customed code, responsible of the bug. I was wrong.

Just 2 days after, Leo encountered the same issue. Conclusion: the bug is in Piwigo standard code, not in any specific modification. Not only did Leo encountered the issue, but he also realized that after a fresh install, it was impossible to reproduce the bug. Even better, Leo investigated and found the way to reproduce the problem: as soon as you edit the guest settings (Administration > Configuration > Options > Guest Settings), then user registration is broken. It is very hard to find the way to reproduce a bug when the consequence is visible far away (registration) from the origin (guest settings administration).

Once the investigation done, the most complex part of bug squashing was over. The problem was that submitting new guest settings was deleting default theme and default language. When a new user registers, Piwigo sets it theme with the current default theme and BANG! Null is not a valid default theme. So we had 2 problems to solve:

1) fixing the origin of the bug (avoid deletion of default theme and default language), this one was easy

2) taking into account that probably many 2.1.0 now had the bug (null as default theme). Considering that the upgrade from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 could not easily include database upgrade, I decided to include an automatic repair piece of code: if the current default theme is null, then we update it (at database level) with the hard coded default theme. That is to say “Sylvia”. This piece of code will be removed from Piwigo 2.2, because we will have added a clean database upgrade task.

This was the story of Piwigo 2.1.1 creation, created in a hurry. Oh and Piwigo 2.1.1 also fixes a bug on EXIF computed fieds and a display bug on Internet Explorer 8. Read Piwigo 2.1.1 release notes.

Thank you Leo 🙂

Written by plg

May 29, 2010 at 9:09 pm

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Piwigo 2.1, many new features

Piwigo 2.1 is now available and it brings many new features and improvements. My personnal main goal was to start the big “improve usability” project. And I’m proud of the result! …of course I’m not the only one who worked on Piwigo 2.1 coding, and I’m proud of the whole result.

We took the time to make the 2.1.0 release notes more sexy attractive, with shorter texts and many screenshots.

Here is a list of usability improvements:

  • when you have finished the installation, you get a big message “there are no photo yet, would you like to add photos?” that brings you to the new web uploader
  • add your photos from your web browser, select multiple photos at once, create a category on the fly, set the “who can see these photos?” at upload time, progress bar
  • we have added a “clear colors” theme in the administration, because we have received many feedbacks about the difficulty to read on a dark background. You can switch from dark to clear colors in a single click
  • install themes directly from piwigo.org (with preview before install), activate or set as default
  • new administration header with quick links
  • new organization in administration menu
  • redesigned layout for the plugin manager
  • new widget to add tags on a photo (and create them on the fly)
  • drag & drop to sort photos

A special note about translations: Piwigo 2.1.0 is directly available in 23 languages. This is the result of great work made by Piwigo translation manager ddtddt and the numerous translators like samli (Hungarian), Winson Qiu (Chinese), eliotpoon (Chinese), el ninjo (German), Duke (German), kiddy-admin (Russian), nadusha (Russian) Eugene ie (Russian), Haribda (Macedonian), Mitsuhiro Yoshida (Japanese), irohaproject (Japanese), Ericnet (Italian), rio (Italian), nile (Danish), jpr928 (Spanish), voyteckst (Polish), yeckass (Turkish), Em Ku (Vietnamese), Darko (Serbian), tosca (French/English) , Kees Hessels (Dutch), terwolde (Dutch), strotti (Romanian), alberto.paulin (Argentinian), pab (Czech), webprostor hosting (Czech)

At coding level, I would also like to congratulate P@t (new theme architecture, automatic upgrade, new customization options, language manager, plugin installer redesign, Luciano Amodio theme), nicolas (SQLite/PostgreSQL compatibility, sort photos with drag’n drop, jQuery upgrades), grum (new tabs design in the administration, gally themes, advanced metadata manager…), rvelices (improved related tags browsing) and Laurent Duretz (link to homepage in current navigation path).

The beta testing effort was important and I would like to thank vincent3569, SNF69, Gotcha, VDigital, Eric, Neutre, EX-FTB for their feedback.

Download Piwigo !

Written by plg

May 18, 2010 at 11:40 am

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