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Piwigo release 2.0.3

A new stable release is available, download details about Piwigo 2.0.3. What’s new in Piwigo 2.0.3 compared to 2.0.2?


ddtddt has integrated Danish translation made by nile.

ddtddt has also integrated Czech translation made by Pavel Budka (Pavel also contributed the theme switch plugin).

Chinese help pages were added thanks to winson.


VDigital has strongly improved the look & feel of the Language Switch box. Instead of:
Now we have this:

I realy appreciate the new graphical design of this language switch box!

Now that I have implemented a subscription mecanism on piwigo.org, I have implemented a link inside Piwigo itself to subscribe to piwigo.org announcement newsletter. The “subscription direct link” is available at the end of the installation and in the main page of the administration.


A security bug was fixed concerning an SQL injection issue. I don’t want to give more details right now. It is a low risk issue but VDigital has fixed it anyway.

An error was detected on Piwigo side but not correctly sent and displayed on pLoader. When a transfer fails Piwigo knows it and should tell pLoader. Now you will get the error message displayed on pLoader side.


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July 7, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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