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PhpWebGallery turns Piwigo

PhpWebGallery becomes Piwigo. The name of the project is changing. This is not a fork, just a rename.

What are the advantages of “Piwigo” over “PhpWebGallery”, or “why did we decide to change?” :

  1. shorter : easier to remind
  2. unique : a search engine request on “Piwigo” will bring you to the Piwigo project pages
  3. no PHP in the name : I now find it odd to make the technology obvious in the application name
  4. keeps the PWG letters

With this new name is coming a new website with a new logo and a new graphical design, thanks to stripy, who has joined the project as graphics responsible.

I personally want Piwigo to become more popular than PhpWebGallery has ever been. PhpWebGallery has great technical features, is mature and stable, is full of rich features but is not as popular as it should be. Here is what I think is missing to PhpWebGallery:

  • not enough beginner user oriented, it will become a priority
  • not beautiful enough, stripy is working on it
  • hard to read presentation website, the new website is designed to present information in a clearer way
  • too french oriented forum, the official piwigo.org will be english only

Among team members, we have decided to officially turn PhpWebGallery to Piwigo with the upcoming 2.0.0 release, that should be available in approximately one month.

The project is reaching a new step in its evolution, I hope every user will appreciate the change and feel as a member of the Piwigo community.

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September 24, 2008 at 12:07 am

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